83 DAYS.


Wednesday JUNE 27th 2012

Day 28- Well Aria is still over, and she’ll be here till Thursday, she’s been over here quite a lot actually. It’s cool, but sort of strange, because no matter how many times she comes over, it still feels weird to have anyone other than family here. But we have fun nonetheless. We went to the mall today to get clothes for my aunt Connie’s wedding, we went to DEB and my little sister got her a dress and a little jacket to go with it, and I got a top to go with the pants I already had. I really liked the top, not so much the pants, but I didn’t really care I am getting paid 200$ to shoot photos for the wedding, so I don’t care as long as I get the money.(: So after the mall we went to BW3’s (Buffalo Wild Wings) and I love that place so I was pretty happy to get some fried pickles! God I love them. So So So much. I’m like Snooki when it comes to those things. So then we came home, ate, and watched the movie Chronicle with my brother until like 2 am and finally went to sleep. It was a pretty fun day(:

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