83 DAYS.


JUNE 3rd 2012

Day 4- Today we finally got on the road to Virgina Beach, we got here around 6pm which is very early because usually on trips we get here at like 10pm or midnight. So we kinda hung out at our hotel and got situated in for a while. Then we went to Applebees the restaurant we ALWAYS go to, no matter where we are. It’s my aunts birthday day today, so I got the waitresses to sing happy birthday and they ended up getting her a free sundae. It was awesome, and all because of me!(: Then when we walked out, it had just gotten finished raining, and there was a fog on one of the cars, so being the big kid I am, I wanted to write on it. So in honor of the hilarious video that we had been quoting all day, “LIKE MAH STATUS”, I wrote like my status! on the car, and my brother wrote YOLO. Again, I love doing stupid stuff with my brother…

"You like dis booty, then like my status!"

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