83 DAYS.

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Well today was the last day of Junior year. Which means tomorrow is the first day of summer.
I can’t believe it has been a whole year since the last time I did this blog I feel like that summer was forever. This summer isn’t the summer of change. It is the summer of the CHANGED.
In one year my life has spiraled into complete difference, nothing is the same, new relationships, new bonds, new house, maybe even a new boyfriend, and this is my last year in high school. It’s been a serious ride.
This summer is dedicated to the changed and not the changing.
So lets do it! TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!

Saturday AUGUST 18th 2012

Day 80- We woke up extra early well for me anyway. At 8am to leave to take Nana to Murray State for college. Me Indigo and Aria rolled out of bed tired and all got ready to go and just sat around waiting for my mom and my brother to leave. We all got in the car to go pick up Jamila and then to pick up Connie. She was at McDonalds so I got some breakfast and then my mom wen to go get some gas. After that we headed out on the road to take my brother to College. I literally slept the whole 3 and a half hours and didn’t wake up until we got there. We stood there and waited for Nana to check in and stuff. We met his roommate and unpacked his stuff then went to go eat lunch at the dining hall at the college. After eating me indigo my aunt and my mother went to WalMart and biglots. I was still pretty tired from staying up so late las night so I sat in a wheelchair and Aria pushed me. It was quite fun. After that we gave him his stuff and picked up Jamila. And then after we said our goodbyes we left. I went to sleep and woke up at a couple stops to stretch but I mostly just slept. After I couldn’t make my self fall asleep anymore I played tap tap and talked to Jamila and Aria and Indigo until we finally got back. We Dropped off Jamila and then Connie and then headed back home. Aria spent the night with us again. We went home and settled in and went upstairs for the rest of the night. My mom my tired and when she is tired that means we shutup and let her get sleep. Haha. So right now I’m chillin in my room with Indigo and Aria. my brother is gone off to college, sucks, and I am going to miss him but hey we gotta move on to the future. He will always be my favorite brother, and my only brother, who I actually can always call my brother. 

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Friday AUGUST 17th 2012

Day 79- Today was a surprisingly eventful day. We woke up and chilled around the house, until Nana finally got all his stuff together and brought it downstairs, my little cousin Aaliyah came over so I could babysit her and after a while Indigo went to Volleyball practice. I ended up falling asleep while watching Awkward, and Aaliyah was basically doing whatever, when she left, Aria got here while I was still chilling on the couch. When Indigo got back we chilled until my mother got home and started cooking. She brought home cake mix as well, so I could make Indigo’s birthday cake. Before I made the cake Nana had came home with water balloons so as my mother cooked we played outside with water balloons, while my brother packed his stuff into the car to leave for college tomorrow. I had so much fun throwing water balloons at Aria and Indigo. We had one balloon that wouldn’t bust so me and Indigo took turns hitting each other, and what do you know, it busts on me… so we went back in I decided to make a rainbow cake, because I had never done it before, I have only made rainbow cupcakes. So my mother made dinner and I started on making the cake. Aria and Indigo were being their annoying selves while me and my mother were cooking.  When dinner was finally done we sat down and ate dinner. Nana came back and we planned to ambush Jamila with water balloons, but it didn’t work out because Nana decided not to stall for us and I was in the shower so it failed. After I got out of the shower, not finished and put clothes back on to sing happy birthday. My father got here and we sung happy birthday and cut the cake and had cake and Ice Cream, and listened to Gangnam style this K-pop song. We talked for a while, and then Jamila and Nana left and Aria and Indigo went up stairs, and we chilled for the rest of the night. 

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Thursday AUGUST 16th 2012

Day 78- Well basically I caught up on sleep all day and completely forgot today was Karate class. So my mother woke me up and told me to get ready and get my camera to take photos of Indigo being beaten. So I had to dump my memory cards out because I had no space from the retreat so I put on my uniform and my string broke to tie up my gee so I had to sew it back on in the car. And ended up taking my camera but forgetting my belt. So we went into karate class and I was excited to see my class that I hadn’t seen in a while but there weren’t many people in my class and I wasn’t teaching it apperently. My father was teaching it today. So I like the way my father teaches but when I do something wrong I take it to heart and I kinda get a little emotional. I hate that. But I held it all in because that would have just caused more emotion. So after that everyone came into the room where my class learns and we wrestled somewhat. I had to wrestle Jaden a little bitty 3 year old just for laughs. It was fun. Afterwards Indigo got beaten for her birthday with belts. Surprisingly she didn’t cry. But anyway after class was over. My half sister’s mother recorded video of the whole family saying happy birthday to her for a sweet 16 gift and then we left and we went to the store to make tacos!! Because I got to pick what was for dinner. So we ate tacos and chilled for the rest of the night and watched Internet tv. The day was pretty chill. 

Tuesday AUGUST 14th 2012

Day 76- Today has gone faster than Monday. Monday was a long ass day. So today I woke up at 7:20 because I could and knew that we didn’t have to be anywhere because breakfast was right outside the door. So I got a shower and got ready and put on my favorite yoga pants. Today was gunna be a chill day. Because yesterday was awesome.   So we start the day off with breakfast and eat bagels and such. After breakfast we kinda just chilled until it was time to meet up with our publications. I met up with Red Eye outside and we talked about the usual what we would like to see this year. What is going to be covered and what we would like to do. And we wrote down topics and such. Afterawhile there was nothing to do so we all played dodgeball in the volley ball court until lunch. I gotta say I really love my publication. Like really. They are just awesome. There are mostly guys in Red Eye but I feel completely comfortable around them. I have a feeling they are going to be like White brothers to me. Haha. But anyway it was lunch time and we had hot dogs and hamburgers. I had a veggie burger and some salad and a quesadilla it was really good. I went to my room and talked to Tyrie and Brittany and chilled with other friends. After lunch was over it was time for free time, except I didn’t want to swim and that was what was planned. And for some reason I was like dog tired so, Tyrie, Erian, and Shantel went swimming and zip lining and I was sleep. Like knocked out. For 3 hours listening to the lovely Frank Ocean. Then Kyla came over and woke me up with her weirdness. Her and Meg sat on my bed and talked while I kinda dozed back off. After a while it was time to get back into publications and Red Eye was mixed with Manual AM and we did like different meeting type workshops. Me Tyrie and Brittany stayed inside the while time and did feature article writing, and voice over personality reading. And then instead of doing the voice over thing we kinda just left and went back to our rooms. And Tyrie Joclyn and Tiya went to swing on the swings and I met up with them. And then me and Tyrie walked down this two way path and I had a good idea for a photo shoot. So me and Tyrie ran back to the room and she borrowed one of Shantells dresses and fixed her hair
We shot photos until it was almost time for dinner. When we came back in I showed everyone the oxfords and they happened to really really like them. Shantell want me to do her Senior photos and everything. 
When dinner was ready, we walked over and ate dinner. And there was chicken but I’m a vegetarian and I prayed that someone knew how to cook the tofu and it was surprisingly really really good. After we got done there was a huge jar of Nutella behind me and it was like the last day so I took it. Kyla freaked out but I didn’t really care. I had a huge Nutella jar. We all walked back to our rooms and I talked to Sienna
Kyla Tyrie Meg Tabitha Brittany and Kailee and all those folk. Kyla threw Sienna into a wall for some dumb ass reason because Kyla is a nut. We talked about random things until the meeting slash ice cream social was ready we went down there and talked about random stuff then lined up for ice-cream. Afterwards Me Tyrie Brittany Kyla and Tabitha played chubby bunny and it was soo intense. It was beyond gross we had people laughing and slobbering and such. I won first round Tyrie won the second. Kyla washed her face with soap because again, Kyla is a nut. We 
all went back to the rooms and chilled until talent show, there were really good acts, really funny ones. And just pure beautiful ones. And one that were absolute crap. It lasted for so long with all these dumb acts I went back to my room. 
Tabitha was all sad because of drama with her bestfriend and Tyrie lost her bestfriend to drama over the phone. It was a pretty intense night. We Tabitha and Tyrie were standing outside when Palmer and Miller came over to tell everyone to go to bed. And we were like whatever and we all got ready for bed. After they had left and we had turned out the lights everyone, mostly, were still wide awake. Tyrie and Kyla played hide and go seek in the dark. And we also talked about several things, until it was well past time to go to bed. I was trying to chat Aria on Facebook but it being someoneelses phone made it quite hard. Plus the lame reception. I’m up pretty late because I have to journal everyday. I’m so ready to go home. Like forreal.

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Monday AUGUST 13th 2012

Day 75- Well I have been having extra long days full of photography and just event after event. I have been having like the time of  my life and I love people a lot more than I did before. So I woke up extra early because we all thought we were supposed to be out and ready by 7. But it was actually 8. So I was tired. But I couldn’t go back to sleep so I just got ready. So it started off at breakfast we had the usual cold breakfast foods. Everyone wanted bagels because bagels are the shit. But anyway after breakfast we get a little time to chill. Kyla came out late be ajar she woke up all late. So then we got into our publications and did some bonding type games. So we started off my doing something called the Tarp Game where we all stand on the tarp and try to get it to flip over, after awhile we did it  but it was hard. After that we started another activity that didn’t really have a name but it was like blindfolded hunger games. We blind folded our partner and had to give them vocal direction of where to go to get weapons and then get people out. It was quite fun. Then we played ninja and I don’t really care for ninja but I played anyway After that we had to do a truth circle type thing. Where people closed their eyes and one group went up to tap the person on their shoulder who fit the title of what our EIC (Editor In Chief) said. Turns out people learn things from me a lot.(: I do throw out a lot of facts I see around the internet and in books. After that we picked groups and played Photo Scavenger hunt where we had to walk around and take photos of things that were on the list it was quite fun. We used my camera since most people didn’t bring theirs.  After that it was noon, and it was lunch time we had cold sandwiches. I had just a cheese sandwich and some chips. We ate in our rooms instead of at the corral(big food room) we talked and chilled and had free time until 3, we were going to go swimming and such but it was storming and raining so we played Volleyball and Basketball until it was time to go back. My publication had to make dinner we mad Mexican dinner. Mainly the girls cooked and the guys cut vegetables and made juice. We call it “Jungle Juice” it’s made of 3 special ingredients only the red eye guys and and I know because I happened to be standing there when they were making and drinking it all. I made beans and refried beans and such and advised everything and made sure no one needed help. It was so much fun working with my publication. I really love them. Brittany way with Red Eye the whole time instead of yearbook. Because yearbook are spoiled brats and they suck. We brought the dinner to the room we eat in everyone ate and loved it. They said it was the best dinner they had. We worked really hard on it. At the last minute we made queso and ended up burning it, we fixed it and it was really really really good. I loved it. After dinner we everyone came together outside, and all got into a circle and played the game where you step up if you have ever, or if something someone says applies to you. Got back into staffs and this time it was manual am and red eye together. We played several games like who’s line is it anyway type games. A mystery murder game. And ABC games. It was hilarious. Afterwards there was a campfire with S’mores and stuff. I got bored and walked around with Kyla and Brittany Kyla was being dumb and screaming and shit. Afterawhile I went back to my room and got on someones phone to call my mother and talked to Aria on Facebook it was time to go to bed so everyone got ready and today was one long long long ass day so I’m going to bed because I’m WAYY too tired to do anything else. 

Sunday AUGUST 12th 2012

Day 74- So I woke up around 1 because I had to leave for Connies around 2 so I rushed and got ready. I waited for Nana because he was the one driving us to Connies and I had to get my stuff ready to go to manual for the retreat. I loaded my stuff in the Car and then drove off to meet the rest of the day. So when we got to Connie’s we talked and coversated And then after a while Aria got there and she talked to Indigo and stuff of that sort. We just sat around and talked until it was time for me to go and Aria drove me to Manual. My mother met me there and Aria helped unpack and I saw Tyrie and I was ecstatic I hadn’t seen her in forever. Love that girl. I got my stuff together and hugged my mom. I don’t know why but I’m gunna miss her. That’s pretty much it. No one else. But as soon as I get back I’m gunna be like man I wish I could have stayed longer. So anyway I talked and shot photos of all my friends and such, then we loaded luggage and got on the bus eventually. We drove off after sometime as well.   I talked to Brittany and Tyrie and then when we finally got here we went into our rooms got our bunkbeds. Tyrie on top and me at the bottom. So then when we got everything settled we walled around and checked the place out. Brittany Courtnee Me Tyrie and Shriya although she left us, we all went down to the lake and looked at the minnows and put our feet in the water and played in the sand. After we washed our feet off we went back to where the park was and such and then dinner was almost ready so we went back to fix our beds and I so desperately wanted to get out of those dreaded jeans. So we went in the dinner hall and waited and then our luggage was there and we had to go back and I finally changed pants. I walked back to the dinner hall and we ate dinner and such and had a meeting. Then we went to the meeting room and split off into our publications, and talked about different topic and things of that sort and getting to know each other. Then we all came back together and talked and Ms Richie ended the night and we went back to our rooms. We just chilled, ate snacks, painted nails, talked and did things of that sort until it was time for lights out. Kyla asked some pretty weird and slightly offensive questions.

Saturday AUGUST 11th 2012

Day 73- Today I woke up pretty late as usual, I got up and ate something and then waited for my mom to pick me and Indigo up to go to Family Dollar to get some stuff for me to leave tomorrow. We got some stuff from Kroger for dinner and for my trip as well then afterward we went to Connie’s house to see my Uncle David and Aunt Tam, because they were in town! I love them(: So anyway when we got there my mom talked to my aunts and uncles, and me and my sister and my cousin were practicing makeup. I was teaching my cousin Kyra to do the Wing tip. After that we all just sat around and talked until it was time to go.  When we finally got home we ate dinner, as we had planned to do earlier but we stayed at Connies for a while. Then as we ate we watched House of Payne I packed my stuff up, and some of my clothes and snack and stuff. I am such a girl I have 3 bags of stuff I am taking and I am only staying for 4 days. But that is a lot for me. When I move overnight, I take EVERYTHING. But anyway, after we ate my mother washed and retwisted my dreads. I love getting my hair done, it feels all healthy and looks bright, and I can wear it out of the bun I usually have it in when it looks a hot mess. So my mother went to bed, and I am up still packing things and blogging on Tumblr, dumping my memory card and writing DO NOT FORGET lists.(: Oh it’s getting late…

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